Tickling Giants Deluxe 

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  • The feature-length movie
  • The Making of Tickling Giants
  • Samantha Bee Interviews Bassem 
  • Theme Song
  • Trailer
  • Call to Action
  • Animation (including story boards and animatics)
  • Extra scenes 
  • Not rated. Contains adult language and situations





Tickling Giants

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  • Includes the feature-length movie
  • Not rated. Contains adult language and situations.





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Exploring how eight balloon twisters' lives are dramatically changed by a little piece of latex, this hilarious and heartwarming documentary is about passion, salvation, love, death, race, religion, and a whole lot of balloons. 


  • The feature-length movie
  • Directors' commentary
  • Q & A with filmmakers at TWISTED world premiere
  • Trailer
  • A How To Make A Balloon Dog instructional video
  • Extra scenes
  • Not rated. Contains some adult situations.

By Sara Taksler & Naomi Greenfield

"Tons of charm... thoroughly winning"     - The Hollywood Reporter