What should I do if I have trouble buying/ renting/ viewing Tickling Giants or TWISTED: A Balloonamentary?

Everything you need to know is right here: https://ticklinggiants.vhx.tv/help

Who may I contact about hosting a screening?

If you’d like to host a screening, email screenings@ticklinggiants.com

How long is the movie?

113 minutes

Where may I find the press kit?

Click "PRESS" at the top of the website for the press kit.

Is the film rated?

The film is not rated. It does contain profanity and adult situations.

What types of screenings are offered?

EDUCATIONAL screenings are on college campuses or in high schools. Each host is provided with an educational guide, including five original lesson plans.

COMMUNITY screenings are not in traditional movie theaters. They could be held in religious centers, libraries, community centers, correctional facilities, museums, and more.

THEATRICAL screenings are held at your local movie theater. You sign up to host by emailing screenings@ticklinggiants.com, you’re told the minimum number of people needed to make the screening happen (people need to buy the tickets in advance), and then you invite everyone you know! Oh, and you’ll make 5% of the screening fee!

If we host a screening, may we charge admission?

Screenings may be used as a fundraiser for any nonprofit organization, subject to the filmmakers’ approval.

How do we publicize our screening?

If you sign up to host a screening at screenings@ticklinggiants.com, our team will walk you through all of this. We'll provide you with sample emails, social media posts, press releases, tips, digital fliers, and all the info you’ll need to successfully promote your screening. We'll even publicize your event on the Tickling Giants website and social media!

How do I invite Sara, the director, or Bassem to attend my screening?

Depending on the location and timing of the screening, one of us may be able to attend. There is a speaking fee for this. Email screenings@TicklingGiants.com if you're interested in bringing a speaker. Whether or not we attend, we encourage hosts to bring in local experts and/or lead a post-show dialogue using our discussion guide.

What type of technology is needed to screen Tickling Giants?

If you are hosting a theatrical screening, all tech details will be handled by the theater. If you are hosting a community or educational screening, Tickling Giants may be delivered on a Blu-ray or DVD.

May I screen Tickling Giants more than once?

Of course! You may host Tickling Giants in the movie theater as many times as you want. If you would like to host a community screening, you will need to purchase a separate license for each screening.

I'm hosting a screening! When will I receive the film?

The film will ship to you a week in advance of the screening. If you have not purchased a license that entitles you to keep the film for multiple screenings, we ask that you return it within a week of your screening via the prepaid envelope provided.